The Change4Change Story

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In the summer of 2018, Co-Founder Nik Kulkarni was debating politics with some friends in his backyard and the topic of money in politics came up. In each election cycle at the national level, billions upon billions of dollars are raised for candidates, PACs, and Super PACs for the purposes of influencing the election one way or the other. For far too long, the vast majority of this money comes from corporations, special interests, dark money organizations (like Super PACs who don’t have to disclose their donors), and mega-donors who are often incredibly wealthy individuals.

Nik happened to use a personal finance app that automates the savings & investing process by rounding up bank transactions and automatically investing that spare change in an account. It was in this moment that the idea for Change4Change was born. Why not combine round-up technology with the campaign finance process to empower everyday Americans, who otherwise can’t afford to write politicians huge checks, to affect political change? Nik called his long-time friend JC Otero to discuss the idea, and after some deliberate thought and careful planning, the two decided to turn the idea into a reality.

The journey began in earnest in late September of 2018 with them contacting friends and family to gather feedback, putting together an investor pitch deck, putting some designs on paper, & working through the necessary paperwork and projections to raise enough money to build a working prototype in time for the 2020 election cycle. After months of meeting with investors, developers, meetup groups, startup advisors, designers, and countless others, they began to turn the prototype into a working mobile app.

It’s now September 2019, almost a year into the journey, and Change4Change is finally ready to launch for iOS. The Founders expect to release an Android version of the application within a few months, with a potential web-version to be released in 2020 as the election cycle really heats up.

We appreciate the support from our friends, families, co-workers, advisors, and everyone in between who has helped us get to where we are today, but even more so, the thousands of you we know will help us take back our democracy!

The Change4Change Team

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